1. NikitOS

    Add-on [MV] XFRM Download Criteria 1.0.0

    Addon allows you to set download criteria for XFRM
  2. NikitOS

    Add-on [MV] Hide reports on the moderator from him 1.0.1

    Addon allows you to hide complaints from him from the moderator. It may be useful that the moderator does not process complaints about himself, but other moderators do so. In /admin.php?moderators , a separate setting of permissions for the moderator to view complaints about himself appears...
  3. NikitOS

    Add-on [MV] Robohash Avatar 1.1.0

    Replacing XenForo standard avatars with Robohash avatars. In the options, you can choose the type of avatar and background. Look at examples of avatars and backgrounds on the Robohash website. Examples of avatars of each type. Examples of backgrounds for avatars. Set 1 Set 2